Cricket Board Game

Family Cricket

Game Title: Family Cricket Publisher: Holdson. Year: 1975. Mechanism: Spinner, dice and random card selection. Description: A neat little game from New Zealand. Made during the 70s, replete with two spinners, a dice, a board where you can position your players, and a nice deck of cards […]

Balyna Discbat Cricket

Game Title: Balyna Discbat Cricket Publisher: Toogood & Jones Ltd. Year: 1940s(?) Mechanism: A variation of the classic cricket game. Small plastic fielders, a mechanism to allow batting, one to allow bowling, a ball and a field made up of different run areas. It […]

Pavilion Cricket

Game Title: Pavilion Cricket Publisher: Pavilion Games. Year: 1990. Mechanism: Dice rolling, tables and very, very detailed lists of players of all sorts from Test teams to county and state teams. Description: One of my favourite cricket games from the past 20 years. Someone has […]


Game Title: Stumpz Publisher: Thos. de la Rue & Co. Ltd. Year: circa. 1930 Marketing blurb: “The Indoor Game of Cricket Played by the Australian Test Team, English Teams and Keen Cricketers Everywhere.” Description: Stumpz is one of the real classics amongst cricket board games. […]