Hey all – just started a new project – a replay of the entire 1992 season using the original Statis Pro game and cards (the last official set, I believe).

Given, like so many other fellow sports board gamers, I start projects I never finish, I expect the outcome will be one of the following (only time will tell):

I gave up after a few games – what was I thinking??

I’m now 87 years of age and about half way through. Let’s hope I complete it by the time I’m 100

(Three years pass) Hey I’m back and here are a few more games I’ve played

I replay a lot of sports board games, including my own, Minden Cricket (but that’s another story!). For baseball, I have focussed largely on Strat-o-Matic over the years and am well into a Yankees 2009 replay using Basic with some additional rules, and a 1920 SADV replay of the Yankees. I am purely a cards and dice player – holding the cards, doing manual look ups off the tables – but I do use the Strat PC version to record the games and stats as I play.

However, for years now I have had a copy of Statis Pro in my cupboard with my other games and it has been crying out to “play me”. Recently, thanks to coivd lockdown FORCING me to have lots of projects on the go, I have now decided to commit myself to Statis Pro for a while – just for something a little different.

So what project? Well I obsessively buy games of all types and annual card sets, but this time I though NO, I will play what’s in the box. These almost 30 year old cards surely have some life left in them.

I am now fourteen games into Opening Day.

I must say I do love the simplicity and ease of the Statis Pro rules. They have none (imho) of the fiddlediness of Strat, where you constantly think … have I remember that rule or not? And there is something wonderfully Zen about the flow of the game. The quietness of flipping the FAC, getting to know the charts by heart (I’m starting to…), and holding the lovely green (AL) and brown (NL) player cards.

I am using the Strat-o-Matic PC game to keep scores and stats (it has taken me a while to fiddle with the rosters so that only the players in the Statis Pro box are on each team’s roster).It all works surprisingly well. I will begin to post the results below and along the way my observations of the game itself. It is pure 3rd Edition rules, no mods, all the original tables and cards.

Wish me luck and perserverance!