The All-Star Replay is a magazine from the Avalon Hill game company which focussed initially on the Sports Illustrated games in its line up and expanded out into more general articles covering sport and other games. Published between 1977 and 1981 with 19 issues, it is a treasure trove of old time sports gaming information.

You can pick up PDF scans for free from here, or you can trawl eBay for some original copies as I did. I bought five of them two months ago and thanks to the vageries of the covid effected mail system they only arrived yesterday. But they are definately worth the wait.

Given the age of the magazine and its rarity the PDF scans are useful for those interested in the content. However the originals contain various quality inserts that the PDFs don’t do justice to.

I suspect that whomever owns the Avalon Hill warehouse of unsold games and magazine has recently been dumping content on various sellers on eBay. At the time of writing one can pick up mint copies of Statis Pro baseball and basketball player cards, and the All-Star Magazines I picked up are absolutely unread and in mint condition.

The magazines themselves are written with wry good humour, and there are lots of in jokes and dumb jokes, and even a report of an annual baseball game between Avalon Hill and its rival SPI.

Over the coming months I will scan some of the articles — there are good add ons to the various games, including solitaire rules and rules that were later incorporated into latter editions of varoius sports games. I will also scan the add on cards as the ones on the site mentioned above are low resolution scans and not suitable for reprinting.