Before computer games there were of course board games. They ranged from the very simple to rich, complex and statistical. By the time computers arrived that were affordable to the masses, sports board games were a unique niche of the board game market. They were often heavy (see Statis Pro Football in its later incarnations with hundreds of individual player cards) in both a physical and a rules sense.

Mostly they were produced by smaller companies but for a short while in the early 1970s the magazine behemoth Sports Illustrated arrived on the scene with Football, Baseball and Golf games. They were accompanies by advertising strewn through its own magazines and elsewhere.

I’ve notice that there is now a nice little market for selling these ads. Torn from the pages of the magazine and sold individually. There were also some ads in the various boxes of the games. As I see them in my own purchased versions of the games and online I will capture them and paste them here.