He’s Out is a classic, hard to find, vintage cricket board game from Glevum, makers of all sorts of very British board games in the 1920s and 30s. It’s amongst the finest games in my collection of cricket board games which now reside at the MCC Museum at Lord’s. A few years ago we made a print and play version which is for sale on mindencricket.com. You can purchase it here.

Game Title: He’s Out!

Publisher: Glevum Series

Year: 1928

Marketing Blurb: “With this game it is possible to follow exactly the normal course of a test match from the selection of the teams down to the final bowling analysis.”

Mechanism: Spinner mechanism overlays 3 generic batting cards, allowing the player to simulate different quality batsmen and bowlers.

Description: A simple cricket game from the 20s, and one with some potential to modify if you put the effort in to create unique player discs for each batsman. The mechanism is similar to the one used in the classic Cadaco’s All Star Baseball, which was released 13 years after He’s Out. Nicely put together and endorsed by then superstar player, Wally Hammond.

Buy PDF version: If you want to purchase a PDF print and play version of He’s Out visit the mindencricket.com web site by clicking here.

He’s Out, a spinner style cricket board game from the 1920s.
Glevum produced some very British board games in the 1920s and 30s.
A very gentlemanly cricketer is set for some serious play.