Here’s a classic game that many of this blog’s older readers will know well – Cricket by the Fireside. Known to some as “Book Cricket”, it’s a simple system that was written up in the Eagle Annual No. 5.

It is a very gentle blast from the long distant past and can be played with a pencil, some paper, a big thick book and a healthy dollop of imagination.

Described as “a realistic way of playing imaginary matches indoors” this classic is designed by Noel Ranns, but I suspect that there have been many variations “home brewed” over the years.

At any rate, Mr Ranns’ version allows one to answer such questions as: “How would your school team get on if it could play the Australians? Would Bill’s googly, the one he bowls out of the back of his hand, upset Keith Miller?”

It is reproduced here for those with a penchant for cricket related things that are from a jolly long time ago.