In 2016 the MCC Museum at Lord’s, the home of cricket, launched the exhibition “A Century of Cricket Games”. A large majority of the cricket board games on display came from my personal collection, which I have now donated permanently to the MCC Museum.

Over time I will add as many images as I can of the exhibition, the games that were on display, and excerpts from a special one-off day for MCC Members where myself, Gary Graber, the creator of Minden Playing Card Cricket, and many others presented on the subject, the history of board games. An excerpt of my speech can be read here.

Sadly, the hugely popular exhibition ended after five years, a record for an exhibition that was originally intended to only run for a year. While the plan was for it to end at the end of summer 2020, it’s sad it was cut short due to the global pandemic.

Here are a few of the images from the exhibition: