While there are many baseball and NFL games, and quite a few cricket related games, the field of Australian Rules football games is a veritable haven for metaphorical tumbleeds. Games on the subject come and go, and usually are forgotten just as quickly. There is one game, however, that is the light on the hill – and that is the Tarax Footy Game which carries the endorsement of the great “Polly” Farmer.

Top Men Drink Tarax

For those of a certain age, Tarax is a once familiar soft drinks brand. For years it dominated the drinks landscape in parts of Australia, and had an extremely active marketing department. The Footy Game and a much lesser known and rarer cricket game were produced sometime in the 1960s. The game itself had a life beyond the marketing department and has appeared in various guises over the years.

At some point through the magic of eBay I was lucky enough to get as near a mint copy of the Tarax Footy Game as one is likely to find. While a little faded and browned around the edges, everything is present. Please enjoy these images and, if you are ever lucky enough to find the cricket version, please let me know.

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