Sports Illustrated Pro Football from 1970

Recently I saw a Facebook Group which had a photo of all of the original Sports Illustrated games from circa. 1971 and thought, I would quite like to own those. So, a long campaign of waiting has begun and has started to bear fruit with the arrival of two “new” games, Sports Illustrated Pro Football and Sports Illustrated Handicap Golf.

The Football game is the original 1970 edition before they changed the box with a nice illustration in pressed silver, whereas the Golf game is from 1971. They both look un-played, have all the components and cost me a pretty respectable $US45 each. Not bad for good condition games that are 50+ years old. The shipping and customs to the UK is the kicker, but such is the price you pay as a collector of American sports games.

I will take some high quality scans of each game and add them to my growing collection of complete scanned games on this site.

Until then here are a couple of images to whet the appetite.

This flyer came in the box with my copy of Sports Illustrated Pro Football. It shows all of the components of the first edition of the game that eventually became Paydirt.
A very nice cover of a game in a very nice condition. The title “The Most Realistic Football Game Ever Devised” was a nicely modest claim for the game.