Greetings all – I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. Well, at long, long, loooong last I have finally completed the Minden Cricket Advanced Player Cards that make up the All Time Great XIs set based on CricInfo’s All Time Great Teams from about a decade ago (see here for the original article). 

For those who might recall, I originally created a mere 4 of the 8 ATG teams as ATG XIs – Set A. Unlike the second part of Ralph Bakshi’s Lord of the Rings, the ATG XI complete set has now actually been produced.

I have sent an email to past purchasers of the game so they can receive the upgrade for Free as part of my policy of sending out updated sets when I make modifications. As this new set is based on improved formulas I figured it was worth updating the entire set, not just the new countries. If for some reason you have previously purchased the set but not recevied the upgrade, contact me via the Contact Us page on

The link to the new set is here:

Enjoy this slightly late Christmas present. More to come.


Image from: Wikipedia.