Replay Cricket

Cricket Board Games are something of a niche in the world of sports board games. However, there have been dozens and dozens invented over the years. Some follies, some amazingly complex. Replay Cricket gathers together the history of this corner of the replaying world.

Family Cricket

Game Title: Family Cricket Publisher: Holdson. Year: 1975. Mechanism: Spinner, dice and random card selection. Description: A neat little game from New Zealand. Made during the 70s, replete with two spinners, a dice, a board where you can position your players, and a nice deck of cards […]

Balyna Discbat Cricket

Game Title: Balyna Discbat Cricket Publisher: Toogood & Jones Ltd. Year: 1940s(?) Mechanism: A variation of the classic cricket game. Small plastic fielders, a mechanism to allow batting, one to allow bowling, a ball and a field made up of different run areas. It […]

Pavilion Cricket

Game Title: Pavilion Cricket Publisher: Pavilion Games. Year: 1990. Mechanism: Dice rolling, tables and very, very detailed lists of players of all sorts from Test teams to county and state teams. Description: One of my favourite cricket games from the past 20 years. Someone has […]


Game Title: Stumpz Publisher: Thos. de la Rue & Co. Ltd. Year: circa. 1930 Marketing blurb: “The Indoor Game of Cricket Played by the Australian Test Team, English Teams and Keen Cricketers Everywhere.” Description: Stumpz is one of the real classics amongst cricket board games. […]