Statis Pro Baseball - Classic from 1987

Back in 1987 Jim Barnes, the creator of the Statis Pro line of board games, spent about a week creating a new version of Statis Pro Baseball. He called this one Statis Pro Baseball Classic and it lasted a single season before vanishing from view.

I can only guess that it was designed as a low price entry point product, or one that was for folk who like rolling dice rather than flipping FACs. Whatever the reason, it is an odd little beast. I have scanned my copy, which has sat in my cupboard, unused, un-played and unloved, since I bought it over a decade ago thinking (wrongly it turned out) I was getting a version of the actual classic Statis Pro Baseball.

Anyway, for those with an interest, I have scanned the box, the rules and single insert and a couple of samples of the players cards that came with the game. The latter are different to the usual Statis Pro cards in that you need scissors or a scalpel to cut them up.

Let me know if you want me to scan all the cards — it will be quite a job but am happy to add it to my list of “stuff to do”.

You can read an excellent interview with Jim Barnes where he talks about his game designs and mentioned the creation of Statis Pro Baseball – Classic by clicking here.

Click here to download the PDF.