To paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of Statis Pro Baseball’s death have always been greatly exaggerated. Indeed, for a game that was last commercially published by Avalon Hill in 1993, Statis Pro Baseball is alive and well.

The game is the centre of a thriving online community and, thanks to a decision by Jim Barnes, its creator, the game lives in the public domain. As a result there are many paid and free cards sets of all years up to the present day, as well as many variants and add-ons to the game, including an excellent Advanced Version.

What is not so easy to find these days, however, is a reasonably priced, good condition copy of the original game and its add-on cards sets.

Over the past twenty years the original Statis Pro games have come and gone on eBay. Sometimes fetching very little, and sometimes fetching insane “this market is too hot” amounts, especially for versions of the game with un-seperated Player cards and FACs.

When I recently saw a set of add-on cards from 1993 sell for just shy of $US200 on eBay (April 2022) I decide the time was ripe to do a full, detailed scan of my 1993 version for posterity. In addition, I figured, if anyone is interested, I’ll scan everything in at 300dpi and post them here for people to recreate the game.

I have also scanned all of the original rules and tables for the 1979 Avalon Hill version (their first, I believe), and I plan to scan everything in, including all un-separated player cards, from my newly acquired 1980 version with the 1979 cards over the coming months (or indeed years … I’m quite slow at this stuff).

So, for those interested, pls see below the box and content of the 1993 version, with one sample so far of the player cards. These are scanned at 300dpi should you be crazy enough to want to print them, this should be helpful.

To see the full sized version of each image, just right click on the desired image and open it in a new tab in your browser.

Alternatively you can download a zip of everying (300Mb) by clicking here.