A wonderful, almost mint version of the 1979 version of Statis Pro has arrived, containing a huge host of players from the 1978 season. Before I write about it here are some of the components and the box. Above you can see the front of the box.

The back of the box. A little scruffy but promising so much …
Unpunched cards from the 1978 season. The Yankees are calling me.
For some reason the rules are printed in blue. They contain everything you need plus the forumula to create your own cards for free. I have scanned a high quality PDF of the rules which you can download here.
The FAC cards. Very handily colour coded so you can just flip rather than reshuffle.
The motherload. You get all the main players carded then EVERY fringe player is listed over four glorious pink coloured cards.
Hidden at the back of the massive pad of score cards is a re-order card along with an upsell to all the other sport games in the AH stable.
The unusual play and injury charts in all their blue and black glory.
Pitcher’s batting ability is ranked in this version, rather than the two cards you get in the 1992 final version.